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Dedicated Support

A team of Experts available to resolve issues when masternode hosts go offline, require updates, and in-depth troubleshooting

Reliable Setup & Hosting

Save time that is required to manage, setup, and run a masternode of your choice! We do all the hard work for you.

Masternodes Management Platform - Coming soon!

Upcoming features that will be supported on the platform

Setup Masternodes Platform Launch - Coming Soon!

Monitor Analytics

Monitor Nodes Status

Choose any coin for Setup or Hosting plans

Track all your masternodes in one place.

Investor tools and features coming in Beta 1.0

How Does This Work?

Simply choose any coin that offers masternodes payouts. Choose a plan below, and our Technical Specialists will do all the work for you. User-friendly for any Masternode investor. No technical experience!

We Setup Your Own Full Masternode for any Masternode Coin of choice!

Choose to use our VPS Hosting or your own. We charge our support services to get your masternode successfully started.

You need to acquire all the coins required to operate that masternode coin. Research masternode coins at Masternodes Online

All of the Masternode Coin rewards, private keys, and collateral coins belong to you. We have no access at all!

Make a payment

Choose our service plans below. Once you have all coins required to run the masternode, simply make a payment for our services below

Complete Application

When your payment is completed, you'll be redirected to submit your application so we can get started

Final Configuration

You will be direct communication with our Masternode Experts and provide you the final configuration file to start your masternode

How many Masternodes We Have Setup since Q1 2018 launched it's Hosting, Setup, and Educational services in March of 2018 based on lack of Technical support available


Assisted Masternode Setups!

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Setup & Hosting

$10Per Coin/Month

Most masternode coins qualify for this plan. Check the Masternode Coin's Hosting Requirements.

30GB Disk & 2GB RAM or less

Fast Technical Support

Setup & VPS Management

Deploy in as little as 1 Hour

MyDashboard Coming Soon!

Free Node Monitor tool

Pay in advance - Easy!

Setup Only

$20one time/per coin

Starting price on Setup services

Fast Technical Support

Setup on your own VPS

Deploy in as little as 1 Hour

MyDashboard Coming Soon!

Free Node Monitor tool

Payments made easy

Made a payment? What's the next step?

As soon as your payment confirms, you will be automatically redirected to submit the application so we can get started.

If you have questions about the pricing options, pricing qualifications, visit us on Telegram or send us an email below. Read our FAQ here.

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