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About Our Masternode Services

Dashboard Management

Choose Setup only or Setup & Hosting Masternodes in your account management

Dedicated Support

A team of Experts available to resolve issues when masternode hosts go offline, require updates, and in-depth troubleshooting

Reliable Setup & Hosting

Save time that is required to manage, setup, and run a masternode of your choice! We do all the hard work for you.

How This Works

Choose any masternode coin, make sure to have the minimum required coins, login to our platform, and pay the service fee to host or setup the masternode for you.

Our Technical Specialists are working 24x7 to setup masternode VPS for our customers. This is for all non-technical investors. 100% masternode rewards, coins, and private keys stay with you at all times.

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Login to the dashboard and choose a masternode coin to deploy

Make a payment & configure

Make a payment and we'll set it up and give you the final configuration to get your masternode running

Enjoy your masternode rewards

You will receive the configuration command to enjoy earning with your masternode

How many Masternodes We Have Setup since Q1 2018 launched it's services in March of 2018


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Simple Pricing

Only pay when you need Setup or Hosting of your Masternode! Hosting VPS as low as $2/month with Free Setup.
Setup on your VPS as low as $10 one time.

Best  Plan

Hosting Managed


Most Masternodes Pricing

24x7 Technical Support

Free setup & guidance

VPS management and updates

Deploy in as little as 1 Hour

Manage your nodes dashboard

Free node monitor tool

Crypto or PayPal payments

Setup Only

$9*/one time

As low as $9 - Setup on your VPS

On call Troubleshooting

Free setup & guidance

Deploy in as little as 1 Hour

Manage your nodes dashboard

Free node monitor tool

Crypto or PayPal payments

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